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Why you should eat less processed food
(Views: 2,323)
Eating processed foods leads to people getting fat and sick.Every time a population adapts to a western diet which is highly processed, they get sick.Food processing such as freezi...
Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink
(Views: 2,216)
Zobo (Zoborodo) is a drink originated from Nigeria. The Zobo drink is made from dried Roselle plant flowers or commonoly known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves coming from a species o...
Side effects of artificial sweeteners
(Views: 2,780)
Artificial sweeteners have a rocky reputation and a large number of people around the world are beginning to indulge in them. Many of the consumers buy them for their older or diab...
Health Benefits of Silica
(Views: 2,355)
Silica has been linked to strong and healthy muscles, hair, tendons, bone, cartilage and skin. The symptoms of a deficiency in silica are reflected in the condition and texture of ...
Health Benefits Of Lemon
(Views: 3,235)
Lemons are citrus fruits that offer a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are essential to the body. Lemons offer a lot of health benefits courtesy of its rich source of nutrients s...